We are property development, Project & Development Management, Property Valuations & Sales Specialists


is a leading and award winning Property Development and Investment Holding Company. Thaton Property conceptualizes, designs, engineers, finances and operates the property project it develops. Being an enterprises with experiences in all facets of property value chain Thaton Property has consistently delivered projects for its investors at competitively low cost without a compromise on quality that has ensured successful operations of the Operating Businesses it has created.

Project & Development Management

Thaton Project Solutions has extensive experience in the project planning and project management domain within the Built environment.

Property Development Specialists

We are the leading and award winning property developers in zimbabwe. Try Thaton Property for a distinguished look.

Property Valuations & Sales

Being an enterprise with experiences in all facets of the property value chain, Thaton Property provides valuations for properties to suit the market price.

Our Work