Multi-Award Winning Property Developer

Thaton Property is an award winning, dynamic real estate development company, driven to create ground breaking , innovative , high value quality projects normalising excellence and consistently fulfilling our promise.

Our Projects

Property Development Specialists

Luxury & Budget Hotels
Commercial Properties
Student Accomodation
Resorts & Casinos
Project & Development Management

Areas of Experience

International Airports

We develop state of the art Airports and Travel Facilities

Super-Maximum-Security Prisons

We develop state of the art Super-Maximum-Security Prisons

Reserve Banks (Central Banks)

We develop state of the art Reserve Banks(central banks) 

Industrial Development Zones

We are experts in industrial development zones

Casinos & Waterfronts

We develop state of the art Casinos & Waterfronts

Commercial Offices

We develop state of the art Commercial Offices

Brown Field Building Conversions

We are experts in Brown Field Building Conversions

Residential Buildings

We are experts in Residential Buildings

Property Sales & Leasing

We are experts in Property Sales & Leasing service

International Property Marketing

In 2005 we became the 1st South African company to sign an agent agreement with Damac the largest privately owned property development company in Dubai. Some of Damac’s very successful projects are shown below that we marketed as an agent for Damac in South Africa.

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